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Hard Money's Million Dollar Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

The NFT gang reunites to ape into some NFT mania and get RICH. Danny’s portfolio is back to even, and the group’s $100k portfolio is doing very well. Enrique wants to buy some crypto kitties.

Aug 26, 2021

Secret stock unveiled (via implosion), putting the nail in the PSTH coffin, and winning $6k gambling on crypto. It’s another all time high for the portfolio, so why is Matt talking about buying a vending machine?

Aug 19, 2021

Matt won and lost tens of thousands of dollars this week with crazy crypto bets, including one with over a million dollars of exposure. The boys get together to discuss how to improve his strategy.

Aug 9, 2021

Voyager rips 60% from the bottom, Matt digs himself out of a crypto gambling hole, and the gang hits a new all time high. Should we buy PG&E? Should matt have bought a house on a fault?

Aug 4, 2021

Matt burns some money crypto gambling and takes a big stab at an Amazon call option without checking in with the guys.