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Hard Money's Million Dollar Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

Gabe gives birth to a tiger club description, Enrique wants Matt to become a warrior for god, and Matt pitches a penny stock.

Mar 25, 2021

Danny and Enrique strategize after their NBA Topshot star gets injured and his moments drop in value.

Mar 23, 2021

Matt pitches Enrique and Gabe three recovery plays to see if he can pick stocks better than their children. Should we double down on a busted PDD call? Should Matt actually buy GROW like Enrique asked?

Mar 20, 2021

Danny tries to rationalize away a variety of rule changes and glaring red flags which signal the certain doom of his NFT portfolio with Enrique. By the way, Matt writes this episode description.

Mar 17, 2021

The gang is BACK ON TWITTER and BACK IN THIS THING. Everything is working out other than Bill Ackman and any idea Matt has.